FCBC On-line Worship Service

Palm Sunday - April 5

Each household will find an arrangement and schedule that works for them, but the following is provided for a possible guide for worship leading up to or following the video stream (Be sure to join us for the closing hymn at the end of the stream):

9:15 Listen To/Sing the Opening Song "Hosanna" on the Playlist - Click Here

Pray an Opening Prayer Together in Your Homes - Praying that:

- That our unity in Christ would, even as we gather separately in our homes, glorify our Savior and our God.

- That we would be encouraged and filled with joy as we look to Christ and are reminded of glorious truths in

   song and from His Word.

- That God would work through the preaching of His Word for the strengthening of the individual Believer as well as the building up of the Body of Christ, His church.

- Giving thanks for the technology we are blessed to have as a means to continue ministry at FCBC.

Listen To/Sing the Remaining Three Songs on the Playlist

King Forevermore - O Worship the King - All Creatures of Our God and King

Pray for One Another

(Spend time in prayer together for any requests that have been made known in our church this week, or other requests you are aware of)

9:58 AM Watch Video For:

               Welcome, Announcements & Prayer – Pastor Tom

               Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11 - Elder Jon

               Message: Psalm 42 (part 2) – Pastor Mark

               Closing Hymn: “Abide with Me” (Led by Hannah Scholle & Pastor Steve)

               Closing Prayer: Pastor Steve